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Dedicated to providing complete documentation for our clients

About Us

Art Inventory Associates, Susie King Miller and Jill Renninger Emerick, are both certified appraisers of fine and decorative arts, and collectibles. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in the art world including gallery ownership, artist management, selling to individual collectors and institutions, installation and design projects, and hosting major exhibitions. It was a natural transition to become USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices) compliant appraisers. AIA is here to provide clients with professional cataloging and appraisal services that can be utilized for inventory organization, documentation, and planning. We also offer design and installation services to our clients as a part of the overall collection management.






"Having five children and many collectibles, this portfolio has greatly benefited my wife and I with ease in bequeathing those special items, easing any undo stress on our children during difficult times."

Palm Beach, Fla.

"Our children are not interested in our art collection. This AIA portfolio will make charitable donations and liquidation through reputable auction houses less complicated ."

R. L. Edmund
Brookline, Mass.

"As a relatively new collector of contemporary art, I have found it extremely helpful to have clear and concise documentation of my acquisitions as I build my collection."

J. Davi
Wilmington, Del.
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